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Sight Loss

At BISS we support anyone with sight loss living in the Buckinghamshire Council area. All services and equipment are supplied free of charge as the service is funded by Buckinghamshire Council

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with sight loss we can offer the following services:

Holistic Assessment

One of the team will contact you about your support needs and personal goals. We will offer this assessment on the phone or by video call first and then discuss whether a home visit is necessary. 


We can register sight and dual sensory loss. If you are certified as Sight Impaired or Severely Sight Impaired by your Ophthalmologist your Certificate of Vision Impairment will be sent to BISS. We will then make contact with you and discuss if you wish to be registered with your sight loss. If you wish to be registered you will receive a registration card which you can carry with you as proof of your registration. There are benefits to registration which the BISS team can speak to you about or you can find out more on RNIB website

Equipment Provision

As part of your assessment the team can demonstrate and provide you with equipment to help you with daily living tasks and maintain your independence. For example this could include talking clocks, eye shields, daylight lamps etc.

Mobility Training

BISS rehabilitation officers can provide mobility training which encourages safe independent travel. 

Please note there are many factors involved regarding whether someone can be offered mobility training, including their general health, the reasons for the training and the safety of the routes they wish to learn. Our rehabilitation officers can advise on whether mobility training can be offered to you.

Support and Advice

The team can talk to you about your sight loss, the benefits that you may be able to access, help with Access to Work and signpost you to other helpful organisations and groups.

Children and Young People

The BISS team can register children and young people with sight and dual sensory loss and offer specialist mobility support both within the school setting and their local community. They can support family by offering habilitation services and teaching children independent living skills, including providing equipment. The BISS team work with educators and council to support CYP and their families.