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Looking & Feeling Your Best

By Becky Hyams

Those of us involved in the visually impaired community are aware that having no care for your appearance as a visually impaired person is simply a misconception. 

That being said, sight loss can make taking care of your appearance more challenging. As a result, here are some tips to help you look and feel your best this winter.

1. Bubble baths. 
This first point sounds like a bit of a strange one, but actually taking time for self care and relaxation, is a great place to start in feeling your best. Treat yourself to some nice smelling lotions which will make your skin feel smooth and moisturised. 

2. Clothes shopping with a good trusted friend or relative. 
I am sure you have heard of the saying “retail therapy.” For some shopping for new clothes is one of their favourite activities. However, going into a shop with reduced vision can be an overwhelming experience.  

This is why going along with someone who can help find your size and give their opinions can make the experience more successful. 

It also helps when you go shopping with someone you know well, as they are more likely to know your style and be able to pick out things which you will feel good in. 

3. Tackingling clothes shopping on your own. 
If you are shopping on your own and need assistance, you may be able to ask a store assistant for help if you have gone in for something in particular. There are also mobile apps which can read out sizing labels on clothes to you.  You will feel your best if clothes fit and feel comfortable on your body. 

4. Ways of keeping up with trends.
There are lots of ways of keeping up to date with new fashion and makeup trends through online articles and videos. There is also lots of information you can get from google about types of clothing which flatters different shapes. 

5. Getting experimental with putting on makeup. 
If you struggle to distinguish colours, you can ask a store colleague for help with matching foundation and conceal shades, as well as talk you through colours in an eyeshadow palette. 

It can be fun purchasing a new product and experimenting. Once again, it can be helpful to have a trusted friend or relative who can be your mirror and reassure you that you are looking good. 

If you have some usable vision, it can help to do your makeup in front of a mirror which has good lighting. You can also get magnification mirrors. 

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can also use them to zoom in on the camera, to see detail when it comes to doing eye makeup. 

Choose makeup which is more tactile / accessible. Some makeup brands are more accessible than others. It is helpful to go for products which you won’t mistake for other products. 

If you have a couple lipsticks for example, it might be good to go for different brands, so that you can tell which is which by the feel of the lipstick lids. 

6. Lastly, know your style. 
It is all good and well hearing tips about what is in and what is out. However, you will feel your best if you are doing things which feel good to you and that shows your own uniqueness. Some like dying their hair in different colours. You may have a preference over wearing jeans, trousers, dresses or leggings. Pairing a plain top with jewellery can also add a nice touch.