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Technology Support

Milton Keynes Technology Hub

The Technology Hub in Milton Keynes, which is supported by RNIB, runs fortnightly on a Friday between 11.00am and 1.00pm at Central Milton Keynes Library.

If you have a technology problem or query you would like help with or would like to find out more about technology and give it a go (we have a range of devices you can try) then you can book at appointment at the hub.

You can have a one off session if you have a particular query or problem you need help with or you can book multiple sessions to help you learn about technology and/or gain confidence in using your devices.

If you would like to book an appointment please get in touch. We'll complete a short form with you to get an idea of your needs and pass your details on to our volunteer co-ordinator who will get in touch to discuss your request.

Marlow Home Support

Looking for some support at home with your technology? In the Marlow area we have a volunteer who can provide technology support to people in their homes.

Our volunteer can help out with any queries you have about technology in your own home. Or if you prefer they could meet you at a public venue such as a local cafe.

If you would like assistance please contact us so we can discuss what support you need. We will complete a referral form with you and then pass your details on to our volunteer.