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Stories from our fantastic volunteers

Val Robbins Story

Woman with white hair wearing a turquoise and white top smiling at the camera

I retired from work in 2002 and wanted to take on some voluntary work, I saw an advert in the local supermarket for volunteer drivers for BAB (the former name of BucksVision) which interested me. I got in touch with the Chairman and asked if I could attend a club meeting to see if this was the sort of charity work that would suit me. I was immediately hooked, the volunteers and members were so friendly, I contacted the Head Office and volunteered as a Driver.   

After a few years I became the Secretary for Chalfont Division which I have found very rewarding. I have met so many interesting people over the years, our members are definitely from the ‘Older Generation’ but their bravery coping with sight problems I have found quite humbling and inspiring.   The only down side is that many of the members I have known over the last 16 years have now left this world, but the happy memories I have of them and the stories they have told me, I will remember always. Tragically my husband died 8 years ago, I could not have coped without the friendship of the Volunteers and Members at Chalfont Division, their support I will never forget.

Being a volunteer can be for a few hours a week or as much time as you want to give, it is up to you, but well worth the effort, the rewards outweigh the time you give.


What's it like to volunteer with BucksVision? Hear from some of our wonderful volunteers about their experiences.

"When I became a Home Visitor in 2004, little did I know that I would get as much pleasure out of my visits as I give those I visit."

"Volunteering is a gift! And like all good gifts, you can't wait to see the smiles you receive when you share! Try giving just two hours of your week and experience the pleasure of giving back."

“I think the concept of BucksVision is excellent. In my short time, I have been learning about the many simple, but very practical aids that may assist people who are sight impaired, thus enabling them to remain independent.”

“It is well organised and run by excellent staff and colleagues, glad to be involved.”

“I volunteer because I enjoy helping people to make the most of their lives, in spite of any disability that they may have.”

“When I first volunteered I felt that after my mother had passed away that there were no elderly people in the family, and I enjoy the company of older people and the wealth of experiences that they share with you.”