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How our application process works

We recognise the importance of a good volunteer recruitment experience, so however you first get in touch, we will aim to respond within 2 working days. 

You will be sent, in your preferred format, our Volunteer Welcome Pack, which includes lots of important information, so we will encourage you to take the time to read through before you apply; it will all help you to carry out your new role.  

If you have already highlighted an opportunity that interests you, we will provide a role description for you to read through. Alternatively, together, we can look at the reasons why you would like to volunteer; whether you are looking to take on a new challenge and learn new skills or simply just want to help; we want to make sure you get the most out of volunteering. 

We will also include a Volunteer Application form for you to complete and return. 

Once you've completed your application form and we’ve obtained your references, we will invite you to Volunteer Induction Training. We understand that you'll feel more confident in your role if you've been well informed about what to do and how to do it. 

We have an inclusive and flexible approach to volunteering, and this includes induction. We offer an experience that respects diversity, enables participation, removes barriers and considers a variety of learning needs and preferences. 

During your induction, you'll learn the practical parts of your role, such as what you'll be doing, where and when, and who your main contacts will be. 

You will learn to feel confident guiding blind and partially sighted people safely; you'll also gain an understanding of different eye conditions, and the practical and emotional impact of sight loss. 

Some roles require more specific training, which your Volunteer Manager will discuss with you when you apply. You may be required to complete a Criminal Records Bureau/Disclosure and Barring Service form. This is a standard check, for working with adults. 

We intend, throughout your recruitment to keep you well informed, to be able to answer questions you may have in a timely manner, and to make sure you always know what will happen next. Volunteers are a crucial part of our organisation. We value their contributions, help and advice, and strive to create a positive volunteering experience from the start.