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How To Prepare For a Festival When You're Visually Impaired

By Harriet Smith

Festival season is upon us, and it's even more hotly anticipated this time round due to the absence of many festivals over the past couple of years. I've been lucky enough to attend several different festivals over the years and had a fantastic time, but if you're visually impaired there's a little more advance preparation to do. So, whether you're heading to a festival over the next couple of months or considering doing so, I thought I'd share my top tips on being festival ready... Read more

Inspirational Visually Impaired People in History

By Ciara Griffiths  

Episode One

As we are in Buckinghamshire, its is appropriate to bein this series with a resident of Chalfon St Giles, John Milton.  For most of his life, he was known for his republican pamphlets and his government service.  It was only towards the end of his life that his poetic merits were recognized.  Milton's Cottage, where he breifly stayed to avoid the plague in London. is ope to the public.. Read More

Top Tips For Guiding A Visually Impaired Person

By Harriet Smith

Top Tips for Guiding.  Read more

Choosing the Right University

By Ciara Griffiths

I am currently at Royal Holloway reading Philosopy, but I did not always anticipate Holloway. I had thoughts of other universities when I started looking... Read More

Making Events and Venues Accessible for VIP

By Harriet Smith

I was invited to participate in a Disability Advisory And Inclusion group organised by The Stables Theatre... Read More

Sparky's 7th Birthday

By Harriet Smith

My life with Sparky... Read

My Archery Journey - How I reached the Target

By Ciara Griffiths

When I was in Year 6 on a residential trip, I held my first bow.. Read More

The Hidden Cost of being Visually Impaired - 13 Dec 2021

By Tahnee Campbell

We all incur expenses during the course of our daily lives: food, heating, rent, more

An Introduction - 6 October 2021

By Ciara Griffiths

My name is Ciara Griffiths, I am nineteen years old and I am a new Social Media Ambassador at more.

Youth Mental Health Day - 7 September 2021

Picture of Tahnee smiling at camera. Tahnee has dark straight shoulder length hair, rectangle framed glasses,and wearing black polo neck and blazer. On the collar of her blazer is a rose shaped glittery brooch.By Tahnee Campbell

I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa when I was very young. I’m now 36, living alone in a privately rented flat, and working part-time as a receptionist and part-time as an independent author. My eye condition has just always been in the background of my more.

Top Tips for caring for your eyes - August 2021

Woman holding a sunflower in front of her faceFamily eye health, Talk to your family members about their eye health history as some eye conditions have genetic links which increase your risk of developing more.

Cataracts - July 2021

Kevin smiling at the cameraBy Kevin Clarke, Social Media Volunteer 

I’ve only recently started volunteering for BucksVision. I'm discovering I’m not very familiar with many of the eye conditions that we can all more.

Using Tesco's shopping app - 4 September 2020

App icon showing white outline of basket on blue background and Tesco logoBy Lisa Redford, BucksVision Volunteer Supervisor

As someone who is severely sight impaired, I have always been a little unsure about shopping online. So many times I have got so close to ordering something and then an inaccessible captcha popped up causing me to abandon the whole exercise. more.

MACs Awareness Week July 2019

Image of MAC logo - different coloured balloons and text MACSBy Lisa Redford, BucksVision Volunteer Supervisor

I only recently became aware of MACs Charity. They support people born with MACs conditions (Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia and Coloboma) and their more.